Hainan Food Beach Corner Seafood Restaurant, Batu Ferringhi

Hainan Food Beach Corner Seafood Restaurant, Batu Ferringhi

Who says there’s no good Hainanese food up on the Batu Ferringhi stretch? Beach Corner Restaurant serves good Hainanese eats with consistent food quality.
We went on a Saturday night, just before dusk and caught a beautiful sunset before dinner!

There were a few tables of Penangites having a typical weekend family dinner. This Hainanese restaurant is popular over the weekends. I suggest you make reservations and order ahead for the signature dishes.

For our girls night out dinner we prefer something lighter.


The thicker ‘poh piah’ skin is necessary for holding the ingredients in place for deep frying.  The ingredients include jicama or yam bean, cabbage, carrot, and Chinese mushrooms. The dipping sauce is mixture of Lea and Perrin’s sauce with bird’s eye chilis.

"Choon Pneah" Spring Rolls
“Choon Pneah” Spring Rolls

We decided to order two curries. The Nyonya Style Chicken Curry Kapitan which is fragrant, spicy and flavourful. This curry topped with lots of fried shallots is delicious.


Fragrant Nyonya Style Chicken Curry Kapitan with an overdose of fried shallots!

Squids have no flavour, and if overcooked; it’s like chewing on a rubber band. Squids cooked right with a spicy pique sauce, tastes delicious. These Spicy fried squids packed a powerful punch with the heat from the chillies and spices. The squids are just done and moist.

Spicy fried squids with okra, tomatos and bird eye’s chilli.

For greens we ordered a simple stir fried sweet potatoes leaves with garlic.  We love our greens which are packed nutritional benefits and taste great!

Sweet potatoes leaves are a good source of dietary fibre
Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish
Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

We enjoyed our meal, and the tables next to ours seemed happy with the food quality and price too!

We spent the rest of the evening for a fun walk to throng the night markets. Penangites love to shop as much as they love eating.

Beach Corner Seafood Restaurant
72D, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
T: +604- 8811867, 012-4729113, 016-4222113
Opening Hours:
Thurs.-Tue 6:00pm till 9:30pm
Thurs.-Tue 12:00 Noon till 2:30pm
Close on every Wednesday.

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