Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | Cintra Street, Penang

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | Cintra Street, Penang

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive | Cintra Street, Penang

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive is a shop specialising in vehicle number plates. The brightly painted shop is located in Cintra Street, Penang.

This second generation speciality shop has the most versatile styling for number plates. The shop set up by twin brothers Alex and David Yeong in 1981.

The second generation specialist installer is Aaron Yeong (Alex’s son).

Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive provides services for replacement of damaged or broken number plates for motor vehicles.

Tools of the trade.
There’s no mistakening this shop and what the business is.
Alex Yeong shelters his son Aaron as the latter works in the rain. Come rain or shine the father and son team is ever ready to get the detailing job done.
Alex Yeong fixes the rear number plate and Aaron Yeong (Alex’s son) fixes the plates iat the front of the car. Working in unison is the key to their success!
Look at the cool ride with the nice number plate. Not only Penangites come to this shop for some serious detailing!


Some of the nicest cars in Penang have their number plates done here. The father and son team work in unison and are often seen to install the number plates together. One taking the front and the other, the rear of the vehicle.

With the influx of tourist in Penang, we notice cars with different car number plates everyday on the road. Some interesting facts on the registration prefix of each Malaysian state.

A – Perak | B – Selangor | C – Pahang | D – Kelantan | J – Johor | K – Kedah | M – Malacca |
N – Negeri Sembilan | P – Penang | R – Perlis | T – Terengganu | W – Kuala Lumpur | Langkawi (KV) | L- Labuan | Q – Sarawak | S – Sabah | Putrajaya – Putrajaya

Now we know where the outstation cars are from. Happy motoring and happy spotting!
Twin Brothers Car Number Plate Motive
104, Cintra Street,
George Town, 10100 Penang
T: +604-2639882
Opens Daily
Closed on Sunday

Professional Car Number Motive in Penang!
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