Zooming In On Bugs With Penang’s Macro Shutterbugs

Zooming In On Bugs With Penang’s Macro Shutterbugs

Zooming In On Bugs With Penang’s Macro Shutterbugs

It’s a bug’s life.  Literally.

A chat with macro photographer Richard Ong about those nasty small green insects that give a nasty sting led me to ask for a mug shot.

“I want to see the face of that nasty little critter,” I said to Richard’s amusement.

“Sure not? You’ll find a different world out there,” he challenged me. That led to viewing a macro photography exhibition at Soul Café which is a Photography Café.

I met the men who are a different breed altogether.

Macro photographers Richard Ong, Husni Che Ngah, Nik Peter Liew with host Ah Aun of Soul Café in the feature photo.

The photographers come from various walks of life. Their common interest led to the founding of Xpression. This is a tight-knit group of macro photographer’s love nothing more than getting their knees dirty in parks. That’s where they capture the perfect insect portraiture in Penang’s park.

Armed with regular cameras fitted with a macro lens and other modified equipment, they spend mornings happily scouring the fields. Looking under leaves and even up in trees.Zooming In On Bugs With Penang’s Macro Shutterbugs

The macro photographers

The reward

Unflinching compound eyes of flies. All four pairs of spider’s eyes worn on top of their heads like crowns.

Most of these insects and bugs are between 2.5 to 4 mm which to our naked jaded eyes is minuscule in the larger picture of our lives.
But I know the ‘geli’ feeling best ascribe to my big strong and powerful soul singer friend. Most folks can’t look at the photograph without feeling creeped out.
After joining the boys and having my FB bombarded with images of these exotic creatures, I am awed beyond words.

Bug Eyes Stare Back

When the dudes describe how each picture is made, I am humbled by their passion and patience.
Bugs and insects aren’t the most likely subject to pose and say cheese, mind you.
As many men will attest to this. The challenge is in the chase.
So you have it. A big shout out to the dudes!
Eight species of different bug photos shot by eight different macro photographers.

Bottle-brush iridescent jumper (Siler semi glaucus) – Husni Che Ngah
Common mime caterpillar (Chilasa clytia clytia ) – Nik Peter Liew
Crab spider (Thomisus sp.) – Richard Ong
Hunchback bee-fly (Lepidophora lutea) – Tan T C
Jumping spider (Hyllus keratodes) – C F Kam
Jumping spider (Menemerus sp.) – Foley Hits
Paper wasp (Ropalidia revolutionalis) – Carrot Lim
St Andrews Cross Spider (Argiope sp.) – shot by Darren Lee

*Macro photographs compiled by Richard Ong

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