Langkawi Spa Review | The Andaman Resort V Botanical Spa

Langkawi Spa Review | The Andaman Resort V Botanical Spa

Everyone loves a good massage, you could have it in any of the spas in the city centre.

But when the spa villas are open sided and the view is over tree tops looking onto a secluded bay; you would stand like me at the threshold and drink in the view!

This is The Andaman ~ Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi

VBotanicSpa_2The brilliant sheen of the Datai Bay is a mesmerizing setting.

Soaking up the atmosphere. The sun’s ray warming my face and limbs as I sit sipping hot ginger tea, waiting in anticipation…


With the villas right on a little knoll, we  jumped in our buggy for a zippy drive up to the one of the best on the island.

VBotanicSpa_4V Botanical Spa has open-air spa villas perched high on the rainforest hillside with  breathtakingly views of the secluded Datai Bay.

VBotanicSpa_5Touted as the first spa in Southeast Asia offering 100% certified organic food grade products and offer the a number of unique treatments, the V Botanical Spa has also won awards as the Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2014 for the Best Stress Management Retreat as well as the Asian Spa Awards 2014 for Eco-Spa of the Year.

VBotanicSpa_7Our personalised treatment was a languid session of the Urut Melayu (Traditional Malay Massage), a deep tissue oil massage with herb infused coconut oil. The therapist uses long kneading strokes with thumb and palm pressure to activate the flow of blood in the urat (veins and arteries).

Eighty minutes of uninterrupted pleasure.

VBotanicSpa_9Lots of interesting nice smelling oils to try. Mine had the beautiful perfume of  lemongrass.

VBotanicSpa_3My therapist, Olai did a brilliant job ironing out the knots in my shoulders with her forearms and using her thumbs.

The massage strokes  directed towards the heart aim to invigorate, while strokes going away from the heart are calming.

VBotanicSpa_10I drifted into a blissful sleep. When I awoke, all my knots were undone; my shoulder felt light and I was invigorated. It was balmy and so relaxing here.

VBotanicSpa_8The session ended on a high note with a bright wind expelling warm ginger/turmeric tea with a pleasant after taste.

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