SYIOK Sendiri 3 The Turd Chapter! penangpac

SYIOK Sendiri 3 The Turd Chapter! penangpac

SYIOK Sendiri 3 The Turd Chapter! penangpac

John Shebat de Silva’s foray into comedy takes on full chortle as he kick-starts into the last free frontier of theatre with Syiok Sendiri 3, playing to full house at the penangpac.

De Silva is deceptively youthful at 28, and holds the title of Director-in-Residence / Resource Development at Performing Arts Centre of Penang.


Third in the series of rib tickling and guffaw eliciting comedy that serves up a huge slice of all things Malaysia and Malaysian; when the “peasants” (as the audience is called) are in the thick of all things LGBT.  Laughter is the only option.

Syiok Sendiri 3 is unpretentious and confronts real issues. It’s a very in your face comedy.

Whether you titter nervously and grip on your seats or just smiling widely, all the anxieties of stress is encountered in the first skit. The dialogue is raunchy at best and the simple props are household essentials like a bar of soap or a giganteus cucumber hidden beneath a pillow.

All Malaysians know that this is not a cooking class for that classic Penang Rojak with a generous dash of belacan powder per se.

Syiok Sendiri
Transgender Intan & Sharifah exchanging stories on their sexual escapades. Photos: ShiPng


Syiok Sendiri
A modern Malay family from left Muha Mesri, Isabelle Oon and Daniel Lee. Photos: ShiPng

Whether you’re feeling insecure, awkward or down right anxious, Syiok Sendiri 3 has all the BIG elements of a sex show as acclaimed by the narrator on the onset. Don’t say you weren’t warned and could not run screaming from Stage 2!


There’s really no use fighting the performing arts. Yelling helps enormously as evident in the frustration shown by the three angry lesbians who dug deep into a huge tub of chocolate ice cream feverishly to continue with more yelling.

The skits move seamlessly quick wardrobe changes and with the actors doubling up at stage hands. Seriously the arts need help and financial backing to flourish.

De Silva said that the first Syiok Sendiri was created at the tail end of 2014. He wanted to lift up Malaysians’ spirits during the  MH 17 and 370 tragedies.  Titled A Very Malaysian Christmas, the jokes were centred on political satires with 17 skits.

“I wanted to push the envelope of Malaysian comedy. The players and I were unsure of the audiences’ response to this genre. As this has not been done before, neither one of us knew what to expect.

Syiok Sendiri
Ah Leng & Ah Gaik figuring out how to escape a rabid dog, a skit in Hokkien. Photos: ShiPng
Syiok Sendiri
Muha Mesri as Tipah, the talk show host, decidedly colloquial and EMO! Photos: ShiPng

“We’ve told the audience that this is an adult comedy, are you sure you want to bring your children along? To our surprised, we have parents saying, yes, it is alright to expose our children to adult jokes,” said De Silva who hopes to take the show to other states on tour.


Auditor Gino Lim Ee Lung who was at the matinee show with his parents and siblings. “As a local comedy act, I would rate them a high 8/10. The skits were executed with perfect comedic timing.  There was a skit where the actress demonstrated the types of performing arts from Shakespeare to dance and mime. Actually, I might consider joining PenangPac to perform if I find the right platform for myself.”

Lingeshaan Keseveyen enjoyed the comedy and could relate to the performance.  “This is the first time I’ve attended a local production. I came with an open mind and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m thinking of bringing my mom as I know she will enjoy a good laugh.”

Sharifah Sarah Al-Bokhari Syed Yusof, a post graduate student found the adult comedy entertaining. The portrayal presented a slice of Malaysian life with all the races equally represented. “I’m very impressed with the singing and found the lyric changing of favourite tunes highly amusing.”

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