Best Riverside Restaurant | Nakhon Si Thammarat

Best Riverside Restaurant | Nakhon Si Thammarat

Living by the river has its privileges.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_1A man who lives by the river has been described like a tree that is planted by water whose roots are deep in the stream. In the heat of summer, its leaves remain green and even in droughts; it does not stop producing fruit.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_4A raised deck for a distance view of the river.

The stillness of the jungle with the mountains in the background beckons.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_2
A serene view of the river.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_5Nestled amongst trees, the Ruan Pak Good restaurant is a cooling respite in the Chang Klang district. Sited by the shallow fresh water river near that flows from nearby hills, the cooling weather produces fabulous greens that is incredibly fresh.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_6
Colourful bags of water hanging on the eaves of the roof.

With organic vegetables that are home grown from the garden right next to the kitchen, the Thai Herbal Food sound deliciously green, fragrant and healthy.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_7
Bottled fresh juices that are mild and made from flowers.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_8Butterfly Pea Flower Drink also known as Clitoria ternatea is a creeper plant that grows profusely. The beautiful blue flowers  of this vine resembles the shape of human female genitals hence its Latin name.

Subtle in flavour, full of anti-oxidant,  known to aid digestion and tastes greet with mild honey or even a twist of Thai fragrant lime, this tea is easy to make.

Take 5 fresh or dried butterfly pea flowers (either works equally well)
Hot water – 1 cup
Honey to taste

Steep the flowers in hot water for 10 minutes or till the flowers turn pale and the water turns blue. Add honey to taste and best serve chilled.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_3Ruan Pak Good restaurant is famous for creating many healthy dishes from Pak Koot (a vegetable fern) that villagers pluck from the mountain. Once termed valueless, it is now a popular green with a fresh addictive taste.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_9
A salad with spicy tammang-dala chilli dip. Clockwise; raw cucumber, blanched Pak Koot, raw aubergine, raw long beans, blanched bitter groud and raw winged bean also known as the four-angled bean.
Ruan Pak Good restaurant_13
Stir fried Pak Koot is served with fresh Butterfly Pea Flower.

Vegetable found on the mountain, it is now that is served stir fried with aubergines.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_10
Pak Koot served in Kaeng Liang soup.
Ruan Pak Good restaurant_12
Pak Koot in clear vegetarian soup.
Ruan Pak Good restaurant_14
Omelette with banana flower is crispy and flavourful.
Ruan Pak Good restaurant_15
A fragrant dish of fried mushrooms with herbs which tasted amazing.

Even the non-vegetarian in the group enjoyed the fresh taste of the vegetables cooked simply.

For once we didn’t have a hearty meal full of meat. This one is light and packed with nutrients and we felt great after a delightful lunch by the river.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_16The boy and girl statues on elephants to greet visitors as they enter the Ruan Pak Good restaurant.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_17The cute statues at the entrance.

Ruan Pak Good restaurant_18
The kids had a great time rock painting!

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