100 Year Old Market | Pak Phanang River, Thailand

100 Year Old Market | Pak Phanang River, Thailand

It’s probably a little late when we got to Pak Phanang at 11.30am and we were told that the morning market is winding down for the day.

Predominately local, this century old market is worth a visit to get a feel of how the local community starts their day by getting their marketing down by the river.

We were lead to the two building with a narrow alley in between.

2_Pak Phanang Market
The entrance to the market is through a tiny lane.

Not much happening here, except for some motorcycles and locals walking towards the alley. There were no locals coming out of the alley with their groceries or fresh produce.

3_Pak Phanang Market
The large wooden sign that straddles across two buildings.

We looked up.

There was a large wooden signboard straddled between the two buildings. It probably rsays “100-year-old Pak Phanang Market”.

Since none of us could read Thai we gamely stroll down the alley to find out.

4_Pak Phanang Market
Look how narrow the alley is! There’s even a metal staircase to go between the two buildings. Fancy climbing down the steep steps.
5_Pak Phanang Market
The alley opens up after a short stroll and it brightens up close to the river.
6_Pak Phanang Market
There are food stalls selling all sorts of cooked dishes and fragrant curries.
7_Pak Phanang Market
This lady is selling soya bean sheets and fried soya products.
8_Pak Phanang Market
How about some take away breakfast noodles for the little boy?
9_Pak Phanang Market
Another hawker selling the soya bean sheets. It must be a popular item here.
10_Pak Phanang Market
She’s selling some soupy dishes, all prepacked in small plastic bags.
11_Pak Phanang Market
This is where it all began. By the Pak Phanang River where the traders ply their wares a century ago.

12_Pak Phanang Market

13_Pak Phanang Market

14_Pak Phanang Market

15_Pak Phanang MarketA change and an eye opener for all of us who shop for our fresh grocery at the hypermarkets. Surprisingly, the area is relatively dry and there’s no fishy seafood smell, even though we found some fresh seafood for sale.

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