Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man

Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man

Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man

Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man and acts the part of a vagrant in his friend’s short video. For this multi-talented Malaysian who is,  chef and a veteran in the film industry since the early 90’s having played many roles from cameraman to prop master, actor and even a director did not prepare him for the role of a homeless man.

“As I was preparing my costume, I was already going through the motions of a vagrant. When I finally got on location, the director talked me further into the role. In a nutshell, the story was about how a homeless man was instrumental in bringing back together a young couple whose marriage was on the rocks. The kindness of the young man towards a total stranger was the key to repairing an almost breaking relationship,” Johnny began.

Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man_Bus Stop
A group of four men finds a sleeping vagabond at a bus stop. Photo: Johnny Goh


Behind the scenes, there was much soul searching and deep thoughts that went through Johnny’s mind.

“At first it was such a common sight to see homeless people on the streets that I didn’t give it much thought. Then as I grew older it dawned on me that it must have been a difficult life for them.”

“I often wondered how in the world they can get themselves out of the rut that they are in. It was even sadder to see whole families sleeping on five-foot ways.”

“I am sure not every one of them is a drug addict but for sure they can only go deeper into despair if no one helps them. It would be hard for them to even get a job when they are dirty and smelly.”

Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man_Sleeping
Actor Johnny Goh having a snooze on the pavement at a bus stop. Photo: Johnny Goh


“It is very easy to be homeless. There are many who have come to the cities to find a job with the little money that they have. If they can’t find a job after a few months, they will not be able to pay the rent. Defeated and ashamed to go home with little resources and no friends in the city, they are left with no choice but to sleep in the open; on streets at night.”

Johnny did some soul searching and dug deep inside of his psyche so he could relate to the thousands of homeless people in Kuala Lumpur. It was a sobering thought to think that he or anyone might even end up like that one day.

After filming, a happy and relieved Johnny washed up and changes back to his daily clothes and headed home.

“I have a group of friends operating a soup kitchen within Kuala Lumpur itself and I can truly appreciate what they are doing to help the homeless and providing them a meal at night.”

Veteran Actor Johnny Goh Plays Homeless Man_Johnny Goh_Paige Chan
Johnny Goh with co-star Paige Chan during TVC shooting about showing kindness without expectation which will be broadcasted in China. Photo: Johnny Goh


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