Kick off your shoes and walk on the water’s edge like me. There’s a whole world and the seven seas to explore.

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Starting with food as basic as eggs, we write about the preparations, eating and presentations.
And of course eating.


We love to paint an empty canvas with light, materials and even words. Be it dance, movements, music and rockstars. We love to write as you love to perform.


Let’s take a dive in the deep blue where we connect with the Seven Seas and travel the continents.


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Penangpac | 6th Anniversary Celebration

PRELUDE Is Penang ready for theatre? The answer is a resounding YES to friends and fans who gathered to celebrate the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) sixth anniversary! Malaysian theatre’s First Lady, Dato’ Faridah Merican and Joseph Christopher “Joe” Hasham (OAM) the founders stood tall flanked by their tribe. I call them a tribe for it’s a relationship that goes beyond employer/employee. That level of commitment, love and camaraderie fused and bond them together for life. It’s the little nuances. Ooi Kee How watching the event live from overseas. Christopher Pressler has an ongoing production of “Bengal Tiger” in […]

Harold Pinter’s Betrayal 背叛 | REVIEW

By Doris Lim Poor Jerry. <heaving sigh> Or rather poor Harold Pinter. I supposed to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 sort of put things “right” with Pinter. Not that I know what is right or wrong. Before or after watching “Betrayal” I watched like a voyager. Not a as gossiper or rumourmonger. But as a sneaky little voyager. The autobiographical “Betrayal” written by Harold Pinter in 1978 is the most celebrated clandestine affair put forward for public scrutiny. To put that nicely. You see, the married Pinter had had an affair with his best friend’s wife Joan Bakewell.  […]

Le French Film Festival 2017

By Doris Lim Many of us dream of a living a French lifestyle. The women are beautiful, stay slim, live well (drink wine daily!) and have enduring good health.  The French men are incredibly handsome! And speak the beautiful language of love. French. LEARN FRENCH WITH FULL LENGTH FRENCH FLIMS What better way to know about the French culture than watching French movies. “To learn French, start by watching a movie with English subtitles. Then watch it again with French subtitles” I was apprehensive at first, thinking I may lose track of the dialogue. Eventually, as I settled in, I […]

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